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book cover design

whether you need a simple front cover design using one of my pieces of artwork, or a full wrap around sleeve, or if you would like an original commissioned piece that you own, Greenspike can build it.
whether you're a self publishing author or a publishing house (big or small) that likes the look of my stuff,
Greenspike is ready to wrap your words in some curious art!

Bods cover for Website.jpg

"a book is simply a story in a smart jacket"

Waking Spires1.jpg
Cover Front Complete.jpg
Robin Goodefellow COVER.jpg
Magic MM Cover.jpg
Dreaming of Dragons COVER.jpg
Steampunk Cover Complete 1.jpg
Ad3 2024 Edition copy.jpg

from initial concept designs through to the finished article, and beyond to advertising campaigns and social media pages, bring your book cover to life with  art less ordinary!

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For sale square copy.jpg
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