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The Librarian of Okk

So the Head Doodles took over again, and a very faint glimmer of an idea surged past all of the important stuff in my brain (you know, the lists of Lovejoy episodes, old D&D Monster Manual pictures, the theme from Magic Roundabout on a loop), and the scribbles started....

 The scraps of paper and post it notes slowly got to the become the chap above, scrawled onto a single piece of A3 photocopy paper.

This then got scanned in, enlarged a bit and taped down to the light pad.

Bristol Art board paper then sat on top and a slow, slow process of pencil-ling it in began...

 So... The image shows through to the new paper, courtesy of the LED's in the light pad, and I doodle away until Moriarty - the cat, decides I've done enough and sits on the piece.

 The whole thing carries on (Holmesian villains permitting...) as I decide on textures and shadows and daft details along the way. I enjoy this part of the process more than any other, I think. The work is at its purest and most accurate (what I'm trying to say is that after this, everything turns to shit and I can't look at the damned thing for weeks).

I have to l keep reminding myself throughout that the final piece will be watercoloured and inked, so much of the shading and folds etc, can be left fairly blank, as the colours will take this on. I ignore this self-advice most times and just plough on with an eventually over intricate pencil drawing. Oh well...

The sketches often start to take on stories of their own as they emerge. It wasn't until I'd got to the stage of the last sketch here, that the I realised that the Librarians of Okk are masters of the ancient martial art of Bibbli - O. Leaping about and smashing the shit out of all that would try to destroy Libraries or belittle Readers in any way. 

(Not sure what the Ravens are doing yet... but fairly certain they are albinoes...)

I'll keep us updated as things continue. I wonder where Okk actually is.....?