The Oxford Trollomicus
  • The Oxford Trollomicus


    A Curious Guidebook to the Curious Bridge Trolls that live in the wonderous city of Oxford. A 128 page, full colour artifact that comes in it's own slip case, full of curious beings, odd customs and possibly libelous commentaries from the Professor of Oxonian Mythics, Bulstrode Whitless. This most peculiar book is made possible through the truly amazing support of its KICKSTARTER Backers - who have succesfully brought it into reality (though which reality is debatable), and whose amazing belief in the project means that you too can have one, even though the Project has successfuly completed. This is your chance to own a copy of the limited edition First Print from Greenspike, printed in the UK, published, and shipped to your door. Get your copy now, or don't, the Trolls don't care either way (they do, they really really do...). 

    Probably best suited to Teenagers and Adults who have not lost their sense of absurd wonder....

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      The Oxford Trollomicus Guidebook is now available for immediate shipping anywhere in the World. AT NO EXTRA COST!


    • What on Earth is it?

      A4 (8 1/4" x 11 3/4") Hardback with Dust Cover. 128 full colour illustrated pages of frankly ridiculous speculation and rumour. 

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