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About me

I'm a short writer of stories, a scribbler of curious images and one of those types that shouts at the televisual display when the News is on. I went to school, and wandered through University, none of which had a great deal of impact. I watched The Dark Crystal, The Time Bandits, Python and Woody Allen, The Storyteller and Jackanory. I learned of Hobbits and Dragons, Warlocks on Firetop Mountains and One Hundred Acre Woods. These seemed to give me the education I needed to see the world for what it really is. I draw things as I see them, though not exactly as they are. I think I draw that which is true, not that which is necessarily real. I like pizzas and pencils and oak trees that hold the secrets of the ages within them. I enjoy the way a friend laughs and the bright eyes that see the dragons behind the stars. I like Mars Bars and fires at midnight. None of this is real, all of this is true.


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